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Testimony & Prayer Ministries: Are You A Good Person?

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What a difference God’s love makes!

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Great Thought For The Day…

Mustard Seed Budget

nurturing loveI have found love in God! You can too!

Or you can try to get by without it. Good luck.

*I don’t own the rights to this pic. It’s by crazy-frankenstein. I am not making any money on it. Kudos to the artist who did this. It’s really cool. I just added words to it.

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A Really Interesting Read!!!

Mustard Seed Budget

zhang and liuAbout 100 Chinese pastors were barred by police from attending a Christian conference in Hong Kong in early March, China Aid reports.

Another 2,000 pastors were granted the entrance/exit pass needed to visit Hong Kong, which retains some of its freedoms since the British colony was turned over to China in 1997. Some of the attendees were from Taiwan, which is not under Chinese dominion.

The conference – sponsored by China Aid, China Ministries and Evangelistic Ministries Intl. – featured well-known pastors, lawyers, professors, authors and scholars. It focused on evangelism, “kingdomization,” and aligning the Chinese church with Christian values, China Aid reports.

China Aid spokesperson Rachel Ritchie was reluctant to speculate as to why some invitees were barred from the conference. But a pastor who has traveled to and ministered in China says persecution comes in waves and is sporadic.

The barring is being seen as part of an…

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The Bible and Earth’s Free Float In Space!

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The Bible & Earth’s Free Float In Space!

Earth's Free Float In Space

At a time when it was believed that the Earth sat on a large animal or giant (1500 B.C.) the Bible spoke of the Earth’s free float in space: “He…hangs the Earth upon nothing.” (Job 26:7)

Science didn’t discover that the Earth hangs upon nothing until 1650 A.D.

Hello Everyone, If you don’t know me by now I am “The Evangelist that Takes the Gospel to the Streets and Tells You Like It Is…. No Holds Barred…”

In other words I take the Gospel to the Streets and give you the Scriptural Truth the way God Meant for you to hear it and the Gospel to be Taught….

On My Blog you can find many different subjects including the controversial subjects that many Preachers are not willing to talk about and You can also find the subjects that help you to understand God’s Word better and bring your relationship with God closer and more Personal.

Now I can come up with subject after subject and post them here for you to read but it is my belief that I can better serve my readers by asking this question:

“What Are You Struggling With & How Can I Help You To Understand God’s Word Better?”

By you answering these questions it will help me to write more specific articles that you will read and enjoy as well as Learn What God and His Word has to say.

I’d like to Thank All of your for being my Loyal Subscribers and Readers and Pray that God’s Blessings Always Be Upon You….

Floyd Cryer

‘Duck Dynasty’: A&E resuming show with Phil Robertson

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By Tim Molloy TheWrap ‘Duck Dynasty’ supporters have won their standoff with A&E: The network has reversed its suspension of star Phil Robertson for making anti-gay comments, and he will not …

Floyd Cryer‘s insight:

The Lord Has Spoken, "Keep My Word Alive" & "The Truth Shall Set You Free!!!"

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This is one of the funniest videos I have seen on ObamaCare and I love it!!!!!!! This is a Must Share Video!!!!!!!