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Praise God! I am so Blessed and God is so Good! In God’s Word, He says, Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature ( meaning, a new creation): old things have passed away ( meaning, what we were before we excepted Jesus Christ): behold, all things are become new. ( That means that the old life that you once had you left behind and with everything given to us now by Christ as “new”). 2 Corinthians 6:17 KJV. There is such a blessing in serving God. We no longer have to look at the old life that we had but look at a new life in Christ. He gave up so much for us just so we can have a life full of prosperity, great health, and many other blessings that you can’t contain. In Psalms 35:27 He says, Let them shout for joy, and be glad, who favor my righteous cause: yes, let them say continually, Let the LORD be magnified, which has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant. ( this Passage is powerful; it is saying that only those who favor His ” righteous cause” will ” shout for joy, and be glad.) He also says, Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper ( that refers to financial prosperity, and should be the case for all Believers). And be in good health ( this speaks of physical prosperity), even as your soul prospers ( this speaks of Spiritual Prosperity; so we have here the whole Gospel for the whole man.)  Yes, the whole man. When we become saved and we begin our Christian walk with God we are whole in Christ. Jesus Christ dying for our sins and Him being Crucified on The Cross makes us comepletely a whole man. We have so many precious gifts that we recieve when we become a Christian. I fill so special because I have Jesus Christ in my life. I no longer have to worry about my past. Christ gave His life and was Crucified on the Cross for mine and your sins because He covered them His precious Blood and its all forgiven and forgotten. PRAISE GOD! that we have a Blessed Assurance of a life after this life here on earth is gone. For we read in Titus 2:13&14 KJV that God say’s, Looking for that Blessed Hope ( refers to the Rapture of the Church {1Thess. 4:13-18} ), and the glorious appearing of the Great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ ( the “Blessed Hope” is the glorious appearing of our Lord; Who gave Himself for us ( on the Cross) that He might redeem us from all iniquity (on the Cross, Christ atoned for every sin- past, present, and future, and at least for all who will believe { Jn.3:16 KJV}), and purify unto Himself a pecuilar people, zealous of good works. (The Sanctified life is strictly a Work of the Spirit, Who works exclusively within the parameters of the Sacrifice of Christ, which must ever be the Object of Our Faith.) There is so much in knowing and serving God. Choose today whom you will serve you want be disappointed. We Love You All and Pray that you will receive out of this what you need from God. May God be with you and His face shine upon you today.


Your Feet In Two Canoes! The Spiritual Choice Put Before You Today Is Straightforward:

1. Will you choose the path of sin and spiritual death?


2. Will you choose the path of Jesus Christ and spiritual life?

This is found in the scriptures: DEUT. 30:19 Aren’t you tired of being torn apart inside trying to choose between your two masters. When trying to live with Your Feet In Two Canoes they continue to drift in opposite directions and so do you. God has some straight talk for you right from His Word in Joshua 24:15. “Choose… This day whom you will serve.” “Choose!,” He said. With everything that is going on around us like the Government shutdown, the workers out of work, the economy going broke, the liberties being taken away from us, and I could continue to go on. But my main gold is to reach the people that don’t know God or have fallen away and try to warn them that time is getting short. We have to be working fast to win these souls. God says to go out and preach the Gospel to all living creators. In Acts 10:36, He says, “The Word which God sent unto the Children of Israel, preaching peace by Jesus Christ,” {this is justifying Peace, which comes instantly upon the acceptance of Christ}: [ He is Lord of all:] this means:{Jesus Christ is Lord because He has made Salvation possible for all who will believe,} scripture reference: [Phil. 2:11]. We look around, hear, and see the things that is going on in our nation. God is sending out warnings to show people that the time for playing around is over. You have to make the choice today to choose The One who loves you most. Choose The One you’ll be with forever. Don’t wait till The Rapture has taken place to decide. Make your choice today! Things are going to get much worse and He’s giving you a chance. Please don’t be like the people of Israel and the people in the day of Sodom and Gomorrah. The sins that is being committed in our nation today God destroyed a city and nation because of it. So, as I lay it out for you here is a statement with four choices on it I pray that you make the right one. “CHOOSE JESUS!!!” I pray God’s blessings on you and His face to shine upon you as you ponder on this. Where sin abounds His grace doth much more abound.

Who Will You Choose?

The Barn

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The Bible Through the Seasons

Perhaps your problem is the opposite of the foolish man in the parable⎯not having enough funds to pay into the large barn of debt that you may have. Whether you feel secure because you have plenty, or scared because you do not, the Lord invites you to be disposed to receive the greatest of riches, the grace of God. Are you preparing the barn of your soul for this?

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Satan As A Roaring Lion!!!

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Satan As A Roaring Lion!!! He is out to steal, kill, and destroy our kids. He knows his time is getting short and he has got to move fast. The things that He seems to be using to draw our kids to His den of lies are: homosexuallity, gay lifestyles, witchcraft, music that is suppose to be Godly, and many more. We as Christians have got to stand up and start preaching Jesus Christ, The Cross, and Him Crucified. Also to teach them that without that there would be no Salvation. We’ve got to get back to the basics and get our children on the right road. He is working to get as many as he can in as short of a time as he can. There is only one way to stop him and that is to start pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ over our kids and give them totally to God. We have one son who has strayed away from God and our other son is wrapped up in alot of the things I have mentioned. Only God can take care of the problem. It’s our job to pray and ask God to open their eyes and their hearts to see their wrongs and want to change. In Ephesians 6:12 it speaks of wrestling not against flesh and blood but against the principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and spirtual wickness in high places. The only way to fight him is to look to God for power and that comes through the Holy Spirit. Satan is a lier, he is out to decieve and to destroy our young people. We have got to stand in the gap for them so that they are not destroyed. I pray that anyone that is setting under the sound of my voice today will take these words very seriously and lisson to what God is trying to warn you about your kids. They are gifts from God and He is exspecting us to do our part to may sure that they make it into the Kingdom of Heaven. I pray today that God be with each and everyone of you and that His Face shine upon you and give you peace. God Bless!!!