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Hello Everyone, If you don’t know me by now I am “The Evangelist that Takes the Gospel to the Streets and Tells You Like It Is…. No Holds Barred…”

In other words I take the Gospel to the Streets and give you the Scriptural Truth the way God Meant for you to hear it and the Gospel to be Taught….

On My Blog you can find many different subjects including the controversial subjects that many Preachers are not willing to talk about and You can also find the subjects that help you to understand God’s Word better and bring your relationship with God closer and more Personal.

Now I can come up with subject after subject and post them here for you to read but it is my belief that I can better serve my readers by asking this question:

“What Are You Struggling With & How Can I Help You To Understand God’s Word Better?”

By you answering these questions it will help me to write more specific articles that you will read and enjoy as well as Learn What God and His Word has to say.

I’d like to Thank All of your for being my Loyal Subscribers and Readers and Pray that God’s Blessings Always Be Upon You….

Floyd Cryer

Are You Feeling Insecure? (1).05 Jan 2014.

Posted: January 5, 2014 by floydcryer2013 in UpBeat Living

Are You Feeling Insecure? (1).05 Jan 2014..

A Great Post that I feel all of  my readers should take a look at.