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Romans 6:3

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Bible Study

Romans 6:1

Romans 6:3

3 “Know ye not, that so many of us as were Baptized into Jesus Christ were Baptized into his Death.”

Lets look at the beginning of this question and see just what is being said here, “Know ye not, that so many of us as were Baptized into Jesus Christ…?” This clearly and plainly is telling us that we were Baptized into Jesus Christ and not of water and some claim and many think. (1Cor. 12:13; Gal. 3:27-29; Eph. 4:5; Col. 2:11-13)

Looking into the word “Baptism” the Greek word here is “baptisma,” a little different then the normal word which is “baptizo.” Why the difference? Back then the Greek word “baptisma” was used to explain the Smith dipping a piece of hot iron into the basin of water tempering the metal.

What is being explained here and refers to “the placing of a person or thing into a new environment or into union with something else so as to alter its condition or its relationship to its previous environment or condition. It refers to the Act of God introducing a believing sinner into vital union with Jesus Christ, in order that the Believer might have the power of his sinful nature broken and the Divine nature implanted through his identification with Christ in His Death, Burial, and Resurrection, this altering the condition & relationship of that sinner with regard to his previous state and environment, bringing him into a new environment, the Kingdom of God.” Jimmy Swaggart Bible Commentary Romans pg 183

With that said lets look at the conclusion of this verses statement. “Were Baptized into His Death?” This part of the question can be confusing if not seen in the right light. So to begin let me say that what this is referring to is God placing us in Christ when Christ died. Why? So that we might share Christ’s death and in doing so come into the benefits of that identification with Him. In essence separated from the evil nature as part of the Salvation process when we first believed.

We are now placed in a new environment, “In Christ.” With the old one being the first Adam in whom we have become sinners do the original sin of Adam. Due to our new environment, “In Christ,” we now have Righteousness and Life. Our condition has changed from sinner to Saint, instantly.

Whenever the sinner places his faith in what Jesus Christ did at Calvary, God the Father places that sinner in Christ at the time of His death, So then in the mind of God when Jesus paid the price it is the same is the sinner paying the price, although we must understand that in no way can the sinner have paid that price except and only through Jesus Christ. The bottom line is that what Jesus did is awarded to the believing sinner.

When the Blood of Jesus Christ was poured out at Calvary the sin debt was completely paid for. This means that Satan has no more claim over the believing sinner because the sin debt was broken and once and for all and forever paid at Calvary. All of this comes by simply having Faith in Christ, John 3:16.

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Surgery Absence

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Hello Everyone.

Sorry about the absence and no posts for a while but I have had to have surgery. If you don’t know me personally than you may not have known that I have had a Colostomy for the past 3 years do to a stabbing.

In June of 2010 I was robbed and because the person could not take the cell phone and the dollar that I had in my pocket he pulled out a knife and tried to gut me from the bottom side of my stomach to the top side.

It was by the Grace of God and the Protection of Jesus Christ that saved my life that night. Anyway I have had a Colostomy every since.

I have just had the reversal so I have not been able to do any articles or posts and thought that all of my readers should know the down low.

This surgery has been a very hard one for me. below are some pretty Graffic pic of what I have been going through. If you have a weak stomach then please stop here. If not look on:


P08-21-13_13.13[1] P08-21-13_13.17 P08-26-13_01.02 P08-28-13_14.13

P09-04-13_16.52 P08-20-13_21.16 P08-21-13_08.45(1) P08-21-13_08.45 P08-20-13_21.18

Told you that they were pretty graffic.

Anyway, I am recovering and will be for a few months but until I have fully recovered I promise to keep making some more posts that will keep your spirit filled with God’s Word and your eyes updated on events that shape the world in Biblical Truth.

God Bless You All and Thank You  for being my faithful readers…