These posts will end be archived in the Street Preaching Category. I was checking out another blog today and came across this post and have been wanting to add these posts to our blog but I just haven’t had the time to write any of the witnessing we have done. We don’t have a video camera yet, so posting videos is out at the moment. Our cell phone needs to be upgraded before we can post any new witnessing pic. Until then I will be posting Witnessing Articles so that you will get a great Idea on how to witness to others during throughout your day.

So without further ado, here is Carl over at

Lunch for Levi



This morning I had a note from my wife that was very encouraging. Among other things it said, “Praying you get the opportunity to share the Gospel…”

After lunch I sent her a text that said, “that prayer was answered!”
Let me explain.


I was sitting at lunch eating my sandwich and reading an article on my phone. Suddenly there was a guy standing beside me asking me if I would buy him breakfast. I asked him to hang on a second since I was wrapping up reading. Then I talked with him. I asked why he wanted breakfast since it was nearly 1PM in the afternoon. He just wanted money. I asked when he had last eaten and he said yesterday. I showed him my bottle of water and told him “if you drink this, you’ll get thirsty again.” He agreed. Then I said, but I can show you where you can get some water that is more satisfying and you’ll never thirst again. He was interested and listened for a few minutes. Then he asked “are you going to give me some money.” I said, “no, but if you’ll listen, I’ll buy your lunch here.” He claimed it was too expensive. I gave him the option of my buying lunch for him or me walking away. He continued to listen.


I tried to take him through the Ten Commandments. He claimed he had never lied, stolen or hated anyone. Eventually he admitted he had a girlfriend and a daughter. I explained the only way he could have had a daughter without a wife would be to break the seventh commandment and explained that Revelation 21:8 said that all fornicators would end up in Hell.
I had his attention. So we went and got in line to buy him a burger. When we got up to the counter I handed him a tract with the Ten Commandments on it. At first he refused to take it. Then he asked for money for the subway and then if he could keep the change from the burger. I told him no. He still was trying to give back the tract. So I said, “I’ll give you a dollar to read this tract.” He said OK so I handed him a dollar. As I did he said, “two dollars, five dollars.” I said no, you agreed to read it for one dollar.


At that he said, “don’t you have to get back to work.” I told him I had a few more minutes. We had the buzzer that would go off when his burger was ready. So I had a few more minutes before it would be ready and he’d be gone. So I shared the good news with him and told him that God commands him like all people to repent and believe the Gospel. I left him with that. And went off rejoicing that I had the opportunity to share the good news with him.


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