Romans 6:14 For Sin Shall not have dominion over you: for you are not under the Law, but under Grace.

“For sin shall not have dominions over you,”

(the sin nature will not have dominion over us if we as Believers continue to exercise Faith in the Cross of Christ; otherwise the sin nature most definitely will have dominion over the Believer.)

“For you are not under the Law,”

(this means that if we try to live this life by any type of law, no matter how good that law might be in its own right, we will conclude by the sin nature having dominion over us.)

“But under Grace.”

(The Grace of God flows to the Believer on an unending basis only as long as the Believer exercises Faith in Christ and what He did at the Cross; Grace is merely the Goodness of God exercised by and through the Holy Spirit and given to undeserving Saints, [us])



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