Romans 6:1

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Romans 6:1 Part 1

Romans 6:1 Study

Romans 6:1 Study

Romans 6:1 NKJV

“What shall we say than? Shall we continue in sin, that Grace may abound?”

Starting with the first question, “What Shall We Say Then?” is asked so that you look back and ponder further on Chapter 5 verse 20.

(Romans 5:20 NKJV

“Moreover the law entered, that the offense might abound. But where sin abounded, Grace did more abound.”)

Even tho Paul does know the answer to this question, he must ask it so that the answer my be brought out do to the fact that during this time until today there have been erroneous interpretations to deceive many in the study of the great Doctrine of Grace that Jesus Christ died for and he (Paul) was preaching.

When it comes to the Doctrine of Grace, especially when it is laid out in a manner that declares “Justification By Faith” and works not having any part of it, stirs up the deep seated hatred that is within the heart. We know that in two ways, one, the verse certainly says it and two, how much hatred can you muster up when someone tells you how wrong you are when you believe you are right without a shadow of a doubt but in fact are wrong. See?

This is where the issue comes in that must be addressed. Human reasoning is the totally opposite of what is being talked about, “Divine Teaching.” Divine Teaching says that man is so destroyed, ruined, and despicable that he, (man,) cannot & does not have the power to bring/restore himself back into the favor of God. Human Reasoning teaches us that man is not that destroyed, ruined, & despicable, that he himself can, by self-culture and good works find favor in God’s eyes and secure his happiness or in this case eternal life not separated from God. In today’s dictionary, this is called Psychology.

The second question, “Shall we continue in sin, that Grace may abound?” was asked by someone with decent education and either didn’t understand Grace or didn’t believe in Grace as was being taught. This question is very interesting because this person was in essence saying that he could sin all he wanted to and Grace would cover it/him without any consequences or that Paul was teaching people could sin all they wanted to, again, without any consequences. In Paul’s day, just after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, especially those in and around Jerusalem, didn’t have any sympathy with anyone who was teaching Grace, & Paul’s message was of Grace.

Most of the outcry and friction came because they wanted to keep the Law of Moses and add Jesus Christ to it, not realizing that Grace is so much better and easier than the Law and Jesus together. God knew that man could not live by law and win. It just wasn’t and isn’t gonna happen. Hence, Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. I mean, look at it, even the most mature Jew of those days couldn’t beat the power of sin or “Sin Nature.”

Got Ya!!!!

Before I go any further I must deal with this word “sin” and “sin nature.” First, sin is an act done that offends God. The “sin nature” is the deprived nature in man that came about in the Fall of man that is still within us. In the original Greek text there is a definite article that appears before the word “sin”, making it said as “the sin”. Romans 5:21 is the first time we learn about the “sin nature”.

Romans 5:21 NKJV

“That as sin hath reigned unto death, even so might Grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord.” (This is referring to sin reigning as King until death and Jesus doing what he did so that we as men can be saved from this death of sin, because we as men cannot save ourselves.)

Kenneth S. Wuest explained it to the effect that every time the word “sin” gets used in this 6th Chapter of Romans it is referring to the “sinful nature” or “sin nature”

Romans Chapter 6 explains the mechanics of the Holy Spirit teaching us how to have victory over sin, or the sin that is within us, “sin nature”. And that is what Jesus Christ accomplished on Calvary and through the Resurrection as well as our position in Christ. This is a position that doesn’t try to gain victory over sin by works but maintains our victory because Jesus Christ has already won that victory on the Cross.

The next thing I have to explain so that we are on the same page is the Holy Spirit.

In the 8th Chapter of Romans we will learn that our Source of Power comes from the Holy Spirit. And through the Holy Spirit we are able to appropriate these great things Jesus Christ did for us at Calvary on the Cross. In Chapter 7 we find in Paul’s own story that self-dependence starts to jump in just like Murphy does, but even harder, and stops the Holy Spirit from giving you, the Believer, victory over the “sin nature”. This in turn stops the Fruits of the Spirit from growing. Chapter 6 here, teaches us “how” we should live our life and by what method…. Not what kind of life we should live.

So, in plain English, we could say this verse like this: “Shall we continue in the sinful nature?” Well, the Holy Spirit is putting a stop to this by explaining it through Paul like this: “So as Believers are we suppose to continue, habitually in a relationship with the sin nature, just like we did before we were Saved?”

Romans 6:2 tells us emphatically, NO! or in Paul’s own word’s “God Forbid.” And yet many, many believers, especially the Church, move forward by continuing in sin. Ruled by the sin nature. You may wonder why I have brought up the Church? My answer: because the Church today is living in “Spiritual Adultery”.

I’ll be getting into this later but for now lets take a break and next time I will finish explaining Romans Chapter 6:1. You will find I have a ton of reservation about the Church today, but the bottom line is “Spiritual Adultery” & Hypocrisy is the reason behind it. Until next time;

God Bless You All, and if you need prayer please post your prayer on the Prayer Needs Page.

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